GPIS has become my home over the years, it’s a place that fulfils every educator’s need. GPIS empowers teachers, students and administration. The school’s main focus here is improving student’s achievement and skills through all the genuine love and care it offers. I can see my dreams of better, enhanced education and teaching being reached here in GPIS (My Home).

Heba Zaki

At GPIS, I have found a group of students excited to learn, dedicated to self-betterment, and committed to joyfully struggling with what it means to become an adult, as well as a staff whose time and energy is dedicated to making it all possible. Here, the personal and the academic combine for an educational experience that students will draw upon for the rest of their lives.

Mr. Jacob Sevick

GPIS caught my attention since the first year it opened, as students from different reputable schools moved to it. It was a school that made it to the top in a matter of a few years.

This is my third year in the Elementary stage in GPIS. During these years, I worked with the best teachers and I learned a lot from each and every one of them. I was blessed by my appreciative and supportive leaders. I taught wonderful students. The warm atmosphere of the Elementary family can be sensed everywhere!

Aya Gamal

Elementary Math Teacher

I have chosen to be part of GPIS because there is always an opportunity to grow, maximize my potentials, watch students growing, and develop their skills. There is always room for development and creativity. Our school is more than willing to accept any out-of-the box ideas and encourage their implementation. The moment I joined GPIS team, I felt welcomed, loved, and supported. I felt like I am a part of the family. I have also felt that administration, teachers, parents, and students have this bond and this connection that is indescribable and incomparable. The best part about my day at GPIS is when students approach me saying, “Ms. Aliaa we love your class. You make Language Arts fun”. Here, at GPIS, I have met teachers who want to make a difference in teaching and to have a place in their students’ hearts.

GPIS “Be the Difference that Makes the Difference”

Aliaa Khalifa

I have been working at Global Paradigm International School for 5 years. I enjoy working here because I like the ambiance and the atmosphere at GPIS. The school offers teaching styles that promote creativity and independence. I believe that GPIS offers learning opportunities that no other school provides. Working at GPIS has enriched me and weighted me with knowledge, which is something I will be forever grateful for. 

Kareem Michael

This school has become an important part of my life. Working in Global Paradigm School has been a pleasure. As admins, we are always trying our best to let the students feel safe and give them extra care. In our school we are always keen to help and support the students, parents, and the teachers as well by solving the problems and cooperation with them trying to reach the high quality in dealing. For me in Global Paradigm School, I get a lot of chances to adapt with the school system and share the ideas with others, thus it provides me very great opportunity to refresh my experience and background. Meanwhile when I share them with my team members, high work efficiency and good work atmosphere occur naturally. Team spirit is the essence of the school culture, it gives me a very open platform for job adaptation. Last but not least I like Global because you will meet a lot of colleagues from all over the world with a common job interesting and different cultures which makes a lot more fun in our daily work.

Dina El Bendary

MS Admin

People are really friendly and my colleagues are always supportive and cheerful. The school helps me develop my skills and helps me grow in my position.

Ms. Chaimaa

In GPIS, I am highly appreciated by the school administration. From day one I have been dealt with in such a professional. I have all the school support to take my mission of educating students to success.

Mr. Maged

I love the working environment and the talented management.

Mr. Maysara Fahmy

The GPIS community encourages creativity and personal growth.

Ms. Salma Tarek

I am a GPIS member because of the sense of collegiality.

Ms. Alaa Hegab

I love my school because of my coworkers and how professional people are.

Mr. Ahmed Gomaa

I like my job at GPIS because it is a family environment and my students give me joy.

Ms. Mai Bahar

The atmosphere in the school is both friendly and professional. It is like having a second family but a rather big one. The students inspire me every day as I see them pursue their goals and dreams. Everyone is more than supportive all the time.

Ms. Marwa Sawwaf

I really appreciate the great efforts GPIS staff exerts with our kids. We joined GPIS seven years ago, and it has surpassed our expectations. Our kids are raised in a healthy environment. The school doors are always open and we can always voice our comments and concerns. Another success is the team spirit which exists between students, teachers, and parents.

Thanks GPIS, and keep shining.

Nermine Hamdy

(Parent - Farida Zahar 7B)

My eldest son joined GPIS 9 years ago after a recommendation from a friend. By default, the second one joined as we were sure of its high academic and discipline level. After all these years it has become our kids second home. Not only our precious kids spend most of their time in there, but we as parents have a strong bond with all the GPIS staff. Good communication is one of our GPIS advantages, and the management insists to insure quality of education. My kids engage in all the school activities, as they feel comfortable, secured, and inspired.  

Ramy El Husseiny

(Parent - Farouk El Husseiny 7B)

Why I chose Global Paradigm for my two children? First, it meets my children’s needs. At GPIS the environment of learning brings out the best of their thinking skills and talents. Also, it meets my needs. It gives special attention to each child to foster his/her creativity. The homework policy matches my expectations for how much homework our children should get. Number of students in each class grade are just adequate to allow better understanding. In the past few years, test scores have increased for Hashem. Both of my children feel comfortable at school; they really feel like it’s HOME at GPIS.

Dina El Toukhy

(Parent – Hashem Hashem 7A)

Since I joined the school 7 years ago I felt it’s my second home, GPIS academically is an amazing school, I have excellent teachers who I love a lot because they are very helpful and supportive. They help me to learn in many different ways. They taught me how to express and present myself. They always challenge me to be more creative. The school provides a lot of online resources for us that makes learning much easier. The school’s portal is the most important where I can follow up on my assignments, projects and academic progress.

Working in groups taught me how to be more efficient and respect people’s differences. I enjoy and learn a lot from the different types of activities we have at school such as Health and Dental Care, Reading Week, Anti Bullying Campaign. I also enjoy sports activities that we have all year long. One of the things that I most value is that I developed friendships that I know will last forever.

Omar Nohar

(Student 7B)

I feel really safe in my school, and it feels like home. We are all a big family. One of the best things about my school is the fact that it gives us a lot of experiences. It helps us shape our personalities. We are ready to deal with all situations because before teaching us books, our teachers teach us life lessons. We love our teachers, because they do show us plenty of love. The school has lots of campaigns which help in preventing bullying in the school grounds. We take part in many afterschool activities, and go to amazing trips that the school organizes on monthly bases.

Zeina Ashraf

(Student 7A)

Our school is really nice. It is safe and fun to be at school. Often we have drills which prepare us for emergencies such as fire, earthquakes and lock downs.

The school helps us in dealing with bullies. We have many campaigns and the school counselor is off great help. The school has the most amazing teachers who prepare us not only academically, but also for our future life. I will never leave this school where I started as a toddler, and want to come out graduating.

Farida Zahar

(Student 7B)