Chairman Message

Based on the long-held belief in the value of education to our society, El Rabwa Integrated for Educational Services has committed to providing and delivering quality education that Egyptian families desire. El Rabwa network believes that at the basic level, education gives us the necessary tools to survive as adults; however, education should not only be about learning the basics.

Eleanor Roosevelt said that education is essential to good citizenship and that education is important to life because it enables people to contribute to their community and their country. It enables us to answer questions to the problems around us, while teaching us about the world and others. El Rabwa Network firmly believes that quality education is essential for Egyptian society to reach its full potential. Education gives people the skills and tools they need to grow as useful citizens both locally and globally. Without quality education, people cannot just read, write or calculate; they also struggle to communicate, evaluate, and create.

Since its inception, this has been the vision of El-Rabwa Integrated for Educational Services. El Rabwa network seeks to develop lifelong learners, able to think independently and make decisions, while being global citizens who treasure their own cultural heritage. The network aims to develop capable, productive citizens. While building the physical campus can be difficult, the most challenging part of the process was building the networks’ reputation which involves investing in and trusting people to instill the network’s mission into the school’s communities. The first school developed for the network, Global Paradigm International School (GPIS) is now strongly established in the local market as a quality school who care for their students deeply and constantly seek to better themselves and the network is now poised to add to this reputation with the planned new schools.

With this mindset, El-Rabwa Integrated for Educational Services, are now preparing to further their outreach into the community through the building and development of four more schools. Based in Mostakbal City, just outside the New Capital, the four schools will reflect the overall vision of the network while applying varied curriculum programs. We believe this will offer parents choices in the style of education their children receive, while they still have the assurance that the quality of their children’s education will be of the highest standards. Having developed a single school campus from inception to operation, we are well aware of the challenges to be faced in this new project, However, we also remain passionate about the development of Egypt’s future citizens’ education and committed to seeing this new project meet the demands of that vision.

Mr. Gaafar Hussein, Chairman